Vision and Strategy


Our Vision is for Leading care, healthier communities.

Our Mission Statement outlines how we will achieve the Vision - what, how and why we provide health care and the values we uphold, which include CORE values of the NSW Health System. We adhere to a core set of Principles in providing health care. Our strategies focus on collaborative teamwork and partnerships, on innovation informed by research and education and on equity in the health care we provide. We have undertaken strategic planning to guide the development of services and facilities to meet the health needs of the people of South Western Sydney Local Health District over the next ten years:

These plans are essential to meeting the needs of population, which will grow from an estimated 875,000 people in 2011 to more than one million people in 2021. Further, there will be around 50 per cent growth in those aged 65 years and over, driving increased demand for health care services.

Extensive consultation on the plans was undertaken with local communities and staff of SWSLHD through forums, an on-line survey and submissions.

A summary of what was said at each of the forums is available on the Planning webpages.

Our priority strategies for the next ten years are:

  • Build capacity to effectively service growing demands for health care
  • Redesign of services bringing them closer to people and their communities
  • Integrated action with the South Western Sydney Medicare Local
  • Partnering with external providers to deliver public health care
  • Enhancing service networks and growing centres of excellence
  • Shared access to unified information for all the health care team
  • An integrated focus on primary prevention for patients and communities
  • Embedding education and research within service delivery

These strategies will be addressed through a focus on eight corporate areas of action:

  • providing high quality health services
  • community partnerships
  • seamless networks
  • developing our staff
  • research and innovation
  • enhancing assets and resources
  • supporting business
  • efficiency and sustainability
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