SWS Executives

Amanda Larkin

Amanda Larkin
Chief Executive

Accountable to the SWSLHD Board, the Chief Executive provides strategic leadership and is responsible for the District's sound governance to provide safe, equitable, quality healthcare to the people of south western Sydney.

The Chief Executive is responsible for all the public health services from Bankstown to Bowral from small community health centres and district hospitals to large major referral hospitals.

Acting Director, Operations

The Director of Operations leads, directs and manages the operations of the District, across a broad spectrum of health services and corporate functions in line with NSW Health strategic directions and the Districts operational plans.

The Director of Operations also provides significant input to the development and oversight of strategic and business plans, policy development, business and clinical service strategies and relationship management.

Chris Leahy

Sonia Marshall
Director of Nursing & Midwifery

The Director of Nursing provides effective leadership to the nursing and midwifery professions across the District. The Director is also responsible for developing and implementing a framework for continuous improvement in the quality of service and practice, safeguarding high standards of care, encouraging excellence in clinical practice and innovation through promotion of clinical governance, education and research and support effective patient flow, appropriate utilisation of hospital care settings and development of ambulatory and community-based health services

The Director of Nursing and Midwifery ensures workforce planning and effective people management strategies are in place that attract, recruit, develop and retain quality nursing and midwifery staff to provide excellent patient care to the community served by the District.

Ross Sinclair

Ross Sinclair
Director of Finance

The Director of Finance is responsible for the planning, monitoring and reporting of the District's financial resources.

This includes budget development, financial advice on new programs and activities and the financial implementation of National Health Reform and activity based funding.

The Director is also responsible for ensuring appropriate policies and controls are in place to safeguard the District's assets and finances.

Director, Clinical Governance

The Director of Clinical Governance is responsible for establishing, directing and managing the District's Clinical Governance function to promote and support patient safety and clinical excellence within health services.

The Director provides high level expert advice to the Chief Executive on all clinical governance issues and works collaboratively with other members of the District and Facility Executive to analyse, maintain and improve patient safety and clinical quality systems across the District.

Sue Colley

Sue Colley
Director of Allied Health

The Director of Allied Health provides effective clinical and professional leadership to the allied health professions across the District. These professions include: audiology, counselling, diversional therapy, music therapy, nutrition and dietetics, occupational therapy, orthoptics, physiotherapy, podiatry, psychology, social work, speech pathology and welfare.  It also supports pharmacy for some professional functions. Allied Health work within all facilities and services across SWSLHD.

The Director is also responsible for developing and implementing a framework for continuous improvement in the quality of service and practice, workforce planning and effective people management strategies and processes in order to support excellent patient care and a safe , supportive work environment.

Glenda Dingwall

Glenda Dingwall
Director, Workforce & Development

The Director Workforce and Development leads the strategic and operational workforce and development services across the District.  The Director is responsible for the efficient, effective and innovative provision of services in human resource (HR) consultancy, culture change programs, organisational development, talent development, management of industrial and workplace relations, education and training services.

The Director is also responsible for the development and implementation of workforce policy and procedural frameworks for the SWSLHD, and for the implementation of NSW Health and NSW Government workforce related policies.   The Director Workforce and Development ensures compliance with employment legislation, industrial instruments and regulations; NSW Government and NSW Ministry of Health policies, and the management and mitigation of risks associated with employment and corporate talent development matters.


Dr Brett Oliver
Director, Medical Services


Wendy Loomes

Wendy Loomes
Chief Information Officer

The Chief Information Officer leads, directs and manages the Information Communication’s and Technology Service of the District, including high level strategic planning, in line with NSW Health and eHealth strategic directions and the District’s operational plans.

The Chief Information Officer also has responsibility for information communications and technology policy development, security and database management, operations, enterprise architecture, IT Security, IT investment, systems engineering, computer resources management, service desk, telecommunications, web activities, office automation and the management of the clinical program.

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