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Patients of Bankstown dentist advised of health risk

South Western Sydney Local Health District (SWSLHD) is advising patients who have undergone invasive dental procedures carried out by Dr Chao Bao Dinh at his Bankstown dental surgeries to consider seeing their GP for testing for blood-borne viruses. More...

International medical breakthroughs to be showcased in Sydney's South West

Cutting edge medical technology revolutionising health care around the world - and being developed in our own backyard - will be placed in the spotlight at the annual Health Beyond Research and Innovation Showcase at the Liverpool Catholic Club on October 18 and 19. More...

An 'incredibowl' fundraiser

Jim Wardle and his 'unbelievabowl' friends from the Austral Bowling Club have helped generate more than $3500 towards Liverpool Hospital's Brain Tumour Education and Support Group. More...

Unlocking the power of innovation

Liverpool Hospital is the largest and second oldest hospital in the state and innovation has been a part of the hospital's great history. This was highlighted at the 2016 NSW Health Excellence in Nursing & Midwifery Awards. More...

Caring for carers

This Multicultural Health Week, we're shining the spotlight on those who spend a lifetime putting others first. More...

Every child deserves a childhood

Child wellbeing and protection is a high priority for South Western Sydney Local Health District and forms a crucial part of what our staff do every day. More...

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